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presidential debate as new polls show mitt romney gaining strength in the key battleground states. will he he be able to keep up the momentum as we head down the home stretch? the numbers next. >> and it was given $150 million of stimulus cash by the obama administration. why are workers that the battery plant sitting idol playing sudoku and monopoly? the latest green energy flop. monopoly takes a long time to play. ever played that. >> six hours, baby. >> "fox & friends" starts now. >> you are watching "fox & friends." that's great way to begin your day. >> monopoly takes a long time to play if you do the free parking or hand out the card ahead of time you can cut that time in half. >> if we started the monopoly game on the couch wield not be done by the time the show is over. >> the workers that the plant are playing it all day long getting paid auto dollars be a hour to stand around and not work. >> monopoly is hard work. let us know if you are playing monday monopoly while you watch us. a lot of news on libya. 166 pages of documents that have come out from the state department that are ch
romney also practice iting for this debate. >> that may be where we get answers. it is about foreign policy. libya will come up. you remember what it flap it caused when it came up in the last debate when the president tried tried to say he first called it a terror attack. >> somethin' tells me romney's message will be much more honed and he will probably get much more precise instead of botching it. >> probably won't be about the rose garden either. the first two topics in the debate are revolving around the middle east. there is no way this isn't the central subject. also good miss for the romney campaign ahead of this final debate. the polls have certainly shifted his way not just nationally. you know the gallup poll that showed romney is 6 point lead and 51% overall nationally. some of the key states, all about florida and ohio down the stretch. >> take a look at florida right now. this is where we stand. here is florida at this hour. this is a new fox news poll. so romney has a sizeable lead. that's outside -- this is so important, guys. this is outside of the margin of error or
. we will tell you what the new jobless number is and from calling mitt romney a liar to the high altitude, the far left is coming up with all kinds of explanations and excuses for president barack obama's poor debate performance. can the attack technique back fire on the president's campaign. >> chaos reigns furiously as atlanta braves fans lash out after a controversial call. watch this. >> there are bottles and cans falling short and landing on fans down in the seats close to the field. >> infield fly truly blame. "fox & friends" begins right now. >> look boys and girls. >> hi, clayton, bring in the old refs. >> different sport. >> >> dave is on vacation, huh. >> that's why you are here. >> okay. >> we should mention this morning that mike jerrick, we brought him back down to sea level because of the high altitude. >> is that the explanation? >> i have used that before for many excuses i have used over the years. a rash, many different excuses. >> high altitude for your poor debate performance? that was, of course, one of the excuses we were hearing about this week. al gohl gor
for the romney campaign and the enthusiasm. >> people are getting behind this campaign. we are taking back this country. >> as romney there, people getting behind this campaign. but will this energy fade away if the president wins the next debate? >> plus, call a steel trap the freedom tower supposed to be the tallest building in the northern hemisphere not if they don't get their steel by a canadian company is holding it hostage. "fox & friends" begins right now. ♪ >> you guys awake? stay up for late baseball last night? >> unbelievable. did you know there was baseball. >> i had no idea. >> there wasn't just baseball there was historic. >> dave is going to have to break it down. this has been the most exciting post season in baseball history. am i right about that. >> you are. i couldn't agree more. also, it's a very exciting weekend, let's face it we're just wrapping up the vice presidential debate so we have a whole recap. then we are looking forward to the presidential debate, the second one. we have a lot to get to this morning. welcome back, dave from vacation. >> thank you. >> one
dismal economic report drawing sharp grism mitt romney. >> last quarter our economy grew 2%. slow economy growth means slow job growth and take home pay. that's what four years of president obama's economic policies have produced. americans are ready for change, for growth, for jobs, for more take home pay and we are going to bring it to them. >> how could these latest economic reports effect president obama's' re-election efforts. jing us is john tamny. good morning. >> good morning. >> the president argues that 2% g.d.p. is better than 1.3. it's going in the right direction. of course, that doesn't tell the whole sorry. what more do voters need to know. >> what they need to know is government spending on its own is an economic retardant. it actually retracts from economic growth. when you calculate g.d.p., it adds to it. so if you look at president obama's term in office, if you strip out government spending, there really hasn't been economic growth if you look through the history. the electorate usually turn out of offices presidents whose economic plans have failed like this one have.
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)